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I am Nichola.  

I believe in a holistic approach to overcoming the difficulties we can often face 

in life and I offer safe, non-judgmental and confidential support in helping you

find ways to regain a sense of emotional well-being.


People seek counselling for a number of reasons; for reassurance and support, 

coping with mental health difficulties. Counselling can help people who are

unsure how they are feeling and is also helpful if a traumatic event has been


I am a qualified and experienced counsellor and a registered and accredited 

member of BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy). 

I began my counselling studies after the sudden death of my father in 2001. I wanted to understand more about the grieving process and how to help others with emotional and personal difficulties.  Since qualifying I have worked as a counsellor within Education, in the Public and Voluntary Sectors and I have a wealth of experience working with a number of issues, (see the 1-1 counselling feature on my Services page for full details).  

I work as an integrative counsellor offering counselling from a pluralistic perspective, which means I believe that different clients benefit from different things at different points in time, so I work closely with each individual client to help them identify what they want from therapy and how together we might achieve this. I adapt my work to each individual and use a range of theoretical models to facilitate profound and positive change. My work is client led, so we work on the issues you bring. 

I am trained in the Person Centred Approach, EMDR therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, low intensity CBT, Mindfulness, Journal therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, which means I can offer coaching. 

I am ASIST trained and a trauma informed counsellor and have your safety and well-being at the forefront of my work at all times. 

I am an Expressive Art therapist and I have a special interest in how the creative arts can support therapeutic process.  I have developed creative therapeutic tools which I use with students, clients and supervisees. These tools have been developed to be particularly powerful in supporting therapeutic movement where there are no words available, which is often the case for clients who have experienced body and relational trauma. I trained in the lineage of Natalie Rogers, the founder of The Creative Connection (TM)  . It was through Natalie's work that I developed my research into Somatic enquiry; developing awareness of how you experience yourself from within. Understanding the connection between the mind, the body and our emotions through neuroscience. This links beautifully with my background in yoga, teaching and therapy,  I am a qualified, registered and insured Hatha and Yin yoga teacher, with over 20 years of experience of regular yoga practice and a qualified Mindfulness practitioner. I have researched and trained  in a unique approach which incorporates body movement into talking therapy, this is particularly helpful when working with trauma, including PTSD, complex trauma and D.I.D. I am trained in trauma informed yoga teaching. 

Find out more about each of the services I offer on my bookings page. Including online and telephone therapy, updated following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.




"I am here as another flawed, human being. Willing to encounter you with honesty and openness. I understand that you are unhappy and want to change the way you are. I also believe that fundamentally you are okay, that you have understandable reasons for the way you are and that you will make changes when you are ready to take that risk"

                                "Janet Tolan"




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