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I am a qualified supervisor offering supervision to qualified and trainee counsellors. 

My training for supervision is informed by the model of Hawkins & Shohet's Seven eyed process model and Holloway's systems approach.

"A working alliance between the supervisor and counsellor in which the counsellor can offer an account or recording of their work; reflect on it; receive feedback and where appropriate guidance. The object of this alliance is to enable the counsellor to gain in ethical competence, confidence and creativity in order to give their best possible service to the client." (Inskipp & Proctor)

For a supervisory relationship to be effective it is important that we work collaboratively in a understanding and open way. A supervisee should feel safe to explore their work without being judged or feeling there is no balance of power. By us both being honest and open we can build a relationship that is both beneficial to you and to your clients.

You can telephone or e-mail me to arrange an initial meeting to explore how we might work together. I am passionate about supporting and encouraging other counsellors, both trainee and qualified, in their professional development. Should you decide that we can work together, then I will strive to build and maintain your trust, honour and value your beliefs and identify and build on your strengths. Supervision is a vital part of our work, to give us the chance to offload and prevent burnout.

Please contact me if you would like any more information or to arrange a meeting.

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